Mind Mapping for Kids: How Elementary School Students Can Use Mind Maps to Improve Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking helps elementary school students develop higher-level thinking and improve their reading comprehension using mind maps and eight reading comprehension strategies.

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Part I of the book discusses the fundamentals of mind mapping for teachers and students.

Part II demonstrates how to use mind maps and the eight reading comprehension strategies to help students develop higher-level thinking and better comprehend what they’re reading.

Part III provides 20 examples of mind mapping uses in school and at home.

Key Features

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“After teaching my Idea Mapping Workshop to over 20,000 professionals globally, one of the common responses from participants is “I wish I’d learned this tool when I was a kid.” Students are often told to remember, study, organize information, write papers or come up with creative ideas, but rarely are they taught the skill or are provided with tools that can make it easier let alone fun to do this. Krasnic has done just that is his new book Mind Mapping for Kids. His ability to combine mind mapping and his expertise as a teacher shines in this book. Packed with resources and activities – every elementary school teacher and student should own this book.”

-Jamie Nast
Cofounder of NastGroup, Inc. and author of Idea Mapping

"The book is a true feast of knowledge for hungry students. The way content, utility and applications have been put together, this book is way ahead of most of the books written so far on mind mapping. Being a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor myself, I highly appreciate and recommend the book to anybody who wishes to learn about mind maps and visual thinking.”

-Abhinav Verma
ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and founder of RackTheBrain

"Toni Krasnic has created an excellent argument for visual learning in the classroom, and has provided countless examples showing exactly how this learning strategy can be done by teachers and students. Thank you."

-Jesse Berg
President of Visual Leap, LLC

“Toni Krasnic has pushed forward the understanding and use of mind mapping in education for several years, and has truly established himself as a respected expert in this area. This latest book demonstrates his skill in blending easy-to-understand theory, with real-world practical guidance that will help students, teachers, and parents to get started with mind maps. Challenging yet accessible, the book is not only filled with Toni’s own extensive expertise, but also draws upon numerous real-world examples and situations, giving readers a full understanding of the practical contexts in which mind mapping could have a positive impact on their studies and learning.”

-Liam Hughes
Founder of Biggerplate.com Mind Map Library

“I can remember the first time I really understood what Mind Mapping offered in terms of its ability to easily tap into more of my thinking and learning abilities, I exclaimed "Why on earth wasn't I taught this as a kid".  I then embarked on a journey that had me personally share this remarkable tool with over a hundred thousand young people and design educational programmes that have since been taught to over three quarters of a million children in the UK and Europe.  So when I encounter another passionate educator who has set out their stall to help kids find out just how amazing they are by showing them more of their abilities than conventional education ever will I sit up and take note.  There is that old cliche "The Children are our future..." but it is not strictly true because only those children who harness the ability to think creatively and develop their ability to rapidly gather, process, assimilate, absorb and remember vast amounts of information who will shape our world for the coming generations.  Fortunately these skills are within the grasp of any child and there is no better tool to help children achieve this than the Mind Map and with "Mind Mapping for Kids", no better place to start.  This book is a practical step by step guide, a must for Parents, Teachers and Students alike with a rich and colourful library of Mind Map examples and plenty of exercises to help develop this important skill.” 

-Michael Tipper
Author of Memory Power-Up

“Mind Mapping for Kids is one of the most comprehensive guides to teaching mind mapping. Toni Krasnic does an outstanding job of convincing the reader that visual learning, visual mapping, and visual thinking are major components of achievement. This book is a must-read for parents, teachers, and students. Another great contribution by Krasnic!”

-Marilee Sprenger
Author of Brain-Based Teaching in the Digital Age and Wiring the Brain for Reading

Student Success

"Much of what we do in education is text-based and linear even though research tells us people are visual learners: even though we know that many students struggle to learn in this type of "text-bound" environment.  It takes a shift in thinking (and teaching) to move beyond linear text and lecture, to the use of visual learning techniques.  Concept maps and mind maps are important visual learning tools that help students take ownership of their learning as they build understanding. 

Whether you are new to visual learning or a lifelong "mapper", you will find a plethora of ideas and resources in Toni's clear, concise book that balances theory and research with practical explanations and examples.  Through text, images and, of course maps, he demonstrates how maps support higher order thinking skills, collaboration, organization and sharing.

After reviewing concept and mind maps with a "getting started" section that provides examples and samples (don't skip the appendix!), Toni explores an area near and dear to my heart, the use of instructional strategies and visual learning to improve thinking and learning.  Bringing together eight research-based reading strategies, the Concise Reading Method and mind maps, this section gives educators an excellent blueprint to improve reading comprehension. Each strategy is explained visually with a guiding questions map, additional resources on-line, a case study and a “Map It” template on-line.  Built into all these activities is one of my favourite sites "Into the Book".  It's just icing on the cake. Dive in!

Finally, Toni provides examples of mind maps to show you possibilities, sharing a variety of map styles, software programs, and applications to use.  There are over a dozen examples to choose from - pick one, access the template from Toni's website and then create your own map, on your own or better yet…with your students or child."

-Kendra Grant
Co-founder of Sublime Learning

“Do you want to increase learning and comprehension in elementary school children and instill in them a love for discovering new information and ideas? Introduce them to mind mapping. Toni's book is a practical road map for implementing visual thinking techniques in the classroom.”

-Chuck Frey
Founder and publisher of The Mind Mapping Software Blog


Give mind maps a try. They can be used independently or in conjunction with other literacy instruction programs. Either way, they will bring fun and excitement to the classroom while simultaneously improving thinking and learning.